We have coached gymnastics for girls and boys in P1 – S6 at a variety of venues across the city.  All children start at entry stage, where they master the basic skills. Children’s progress is monitored against the Edinburgh Leisure competencies and you can keep a track by signing up to our home portal.  We have boys only classes available at Craiglockhart Leisure Centre, Gracemount Leisure Centre and Tumbles at Portobello.  The boys only classes follow the same structure as detailed below however they will be working on Men’s Artistic skills and equipment (where available). 

Our Entry Stage classes are the starting point where you will learn fundamental skills and the foundations to build on. The children will gain exposure to different types of gymnastics equipment within this class and start to learn the basic skills on each piece of apparatus.  

There are no pre-requisites required for children to attend this class. 

This class is the next progressive step from Entry Stage Gymnastics.  Within this class children will develop their self-awareness and an understanding of the language used within the sport.  Children will start to show an enthusiasm about learning new skills and progressing.  Within this class children will consolidate their learning and build on key fundamentals that were learnt at Entry Stage. The gymnasts will start to develop and progress onto more challenging skills. 

When children attend the Stage 2 class they will be eager to learn, show good listening skills and have a desire to be taking part in the sport. Stage 2 classes are generally a 90 minutes session (60 minutes in some venues). At this level they will also build on their flexibility, strength and stamina that has been developed through previous stages. On the apparatus the gymnasts will be challenged with difficult skills which will need good body tension and spatial awareness.

Our Stage 3 programme will further progress your child’s skills. They will see an increase in the length of the class from Stage 2, along with more focus on building routines and learning more advanced skills.  

Our Stage 4 programme will further progress your child’s skills. They will learn full routines on all pieces of apparatus and will learn more advanced skills. This is the top level of our coaching programme. 

Get the new year off to a spinning start and try our new Rhythmic Gymnastics classes at Kirkliston Leisure Centre. Open to girls and boys in Primary 1 and up, these classes will introduce the 5 pieces of rhythmic apparatus; hoop, ribbon, ball, rope and clubs.

Classes begin at entry level, so no experience is needed to get started. These classes will also cover dynamic balances, flexibility stretches and strength work.  Follow the link for more information on what this sport involves and an example of it in practice.

If you have any questions about this course, or you are struggling to book your space, please email

Are there any opportunities for competition?

Every year we run an annual gymnastics display, and an annual gymnastics competition, plus in-house gymnastics competitions at every venue for every child. Throughout the year every child is assessed against specific skills to enable them to progress to the next level.

Can adults take part in gymnastics?

Adults and teenagers can start or get back into gymnastics at any time.

What clothing is needed?

Children should wear appropriate comfortable clothing that they can move around and be active in, for example T-shirts and shorts or leggings (note dresses or skirts are not ideal). Please tie long hair back and remove any jewellery, and children should take a water bottle into their class with them. They will take part in the gymnastics lessons in bare feet.

Can I be involved in my Childs learning?

Parents of children in our Baby Nippers and Gym Nipper classes (up to the age of 3) are an important part of the class where both the children and adults have great fun learning and socialising together. Parents are encouraged to really get involved as the more the parent does then the more the child will take part. Parents are also advised to wear comfortable clothing and follow the guidelines for children.

For further coaching frequently asked questions click here.