Extended Lets (Block Bookings)

We have a wide range of sports facilities available for extended let hire at Edinburgh Leisure and CEC High School venues. 

Booking Options

Extended Lets

For customers who wish to book a space for a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks.

Current booking period:

August 2021 - July 2022

Book an Extended Let

Casual Bookings

For customers who do not wish to commit to an extended let and wish to book on a casual basis.

Can be booked up to 7 days in advance.

To book, please phone our office on 0131 458 2212

All casual bookings are non-refundable and non-transferrable. 

Call 0131 458 2212

Special Events

Bookings that require significant planning in terms of setup, travel etc (e.g. tournaments, all-day camps etc)

Please email you enquiry to exlets@edinburghleisure.co.uk

Email Us

Bookable Areas

High School Facilities and Pitches

Edinburgh Leisure manages sports facilities in 21 High Schools across the city. For more information on facilities, how to book, availability and pricing see below.

Full List of High Schools and their Facilities

Schools Price List

Schools Availability

Schools Facilities Calendar

Schools Opening Hours

Terms and Conditions

Schools FAQs

Schools Booking Form 

Schools Booking Form

Edinburgh Leisure Venues

Book an Extended Let at one of our Leisure Centres, Swimming Pools, Fitness Studios, Sports Halls, Bowling Greens, Courts or Climbing Arena. 

Full list of Venues

Venue Price List

For Availability email exlets@edinburghleisure.co.uk

Terms and Conditions

Venue Booking Form 

Venue Booking Form

If you are using more than one venue/school/pitch, we need an application form for each venue/school/pitch you wish to rebook. When you complete and submit your form/s our Bookings Team will process them.

If we need a Direct Debit mandate we will get in touch with you after we have received your application form (we only need one Direct Debit mandate, even if you are using multiple facilities).  Paying by Direct Debit is very simple; once the DD mandate is set up payments will be made in arrears. Clubs will receive an invoice around the 1st of each month which will explain what facilities they are being charged for and what payment will be taken from their nominated bank account on or around the 15th of the month.  This delay in the invoice being sent and the payment being taken, gives customers the opportunity to check the invoice and advise Edinburgh Leisure bookings team of any amendments (if needed). This applies to those customers who have regular extended let bookings only and not casual users or league affiliated bookings.

Please contact the Bookings Team on exlets@edinburghleisure.co.uk for availability in July. For August onwards, please choose from the options below:

Bookings are online only. Please note:

High School bookings are subject to:

-          Planned Maintenance (usually scoped by the Council for completion during holiday periods)

-          Exam periods and School Events

-          Festive Period Availability

For Edinburgh Leisure venues we require 3 months notice of early withdrawal from the extended let agreement, for Schools sports facilities we need 21 days notice of early withdrawal from the extended let agreement.

PHONE: 0131 458 2212

EMAIL: exlets@edinburghleisure.co.uk

Office opening hours: Mon – Fri 8.00am – 6.00pm

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