Fitness Classes - Mind & Body

Exercise for the mind and body. Our relaxation, health and fitness classes will help increase your sense of wellbeing and bring a calmness and a more relaxed state of mind into your everyday life. Exercise is not just about losing weight or building strength, it’s about feeling good in yourself. Yoga, tai chi and pilates are a great antidote for our modern, fast paced world and we offer different styles of classes for all preferences, ages and abilities.

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Unwind and relax while you improve flexibility and balance. You can also learn to move better – aligning your body, improving your posture and being kinder to your back. Both mind and body will feel the benefits.


Slow movements and stretching to increase flexibility and balance, to relieve stress and relax.

Yoga Beginner

An introduction to this ancient form of exercise which draws on a variety of yoga styles.

Yoga Improver

Aimed at developing skills and techniques to those with some experience of yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga

A dynamic and physically demanding practise which combines the flow of movement and breath to improve blood flow and circulation.

Hatha Yoga

Asanas (postures), synchronizing breath with movement to improve flexibility, strength and reduce stress.

Get Up & Go Yoga

An activity ideally suited to those just beginning an exercise programme or older adults. 

Tai Chi

A type of martial art well known for its health benefits and effective in stress reduction and self–healing.

New to Tai Chi

A block of sessions providing an introduction to tai chi, teaching deep breathing and the gentle movements.

Swiss Ball

A core stability class which uses a fit ball to strengthen the whole body focusing on the core.


Strengthening and lengthening exercises designed to tone, firm and re-align without bulking. 

New to Pilates 

For those new to pilates this class is an excellent way to tone, firm and learn the techniques at your own pace.

Pilates Beginner

An introduction to a sequence of exercises to improve strength, flexibility and muscular endurance.

Pilates Improver

For those who've mastered the basics of pilates and want to increase their strengthening and lengthening workout. 

Core Pilates

Traditional pilates with the benefits of strengthening and lengthening muscles with a section to challenge the core. 

Pilates Fitness

All the benefits of pilates but class flows more quickly and at a higher level increasing metabolic conditioning.


Combines elements of yoga, tai chi, pilates to build flexibility and strength while feeling centred and calm.

Virtual Bodybalance

Practice your moves in a virtual class on the big screen before joining a live instructor led class.

Les Mills Workouts

Get in to a routine, know what is coming up then all change after several weeks to challenge you again.