Coaching and learn to swim FAQs

Booking in and leaving

When can I/ my child join the sports coaching programme?

You can join the sports coaching programme anytime you like. We have coached activities running throughout that year which cater for everyone from babies right up to adults.

How do I know which class to book my child in? 

Class descriptions are on our website. For customers who are new to the programme, have a look at the criteria for each class and book in accordingly. If you’d like to chat through the most appropriate starting point for you/ your child please contact the venue swim team who will be able to advise you and make an assessment as required.

How do I register for a coaching class?

You should register for our coaching programme at your chosen venue. If you know which class you would like to join, please complete the registration and application process at least 24 hours in advance of the class taking place. This enables the venue to make any necessary preparations for you starting, including details of any medical conditions or additional support requirements to be put in place.

How will I pay for lessons?

Payment for our lessons is by monthly direct debit. On joining, there will be an upfront payment and thereafter payments will be collected on or just after the 1st of each month. There are 11 direct debit collections per year, where no collection is taken in July.  Our reception team will be on hand to take you through the whole registration and payment process.

What happens if there is no space available?

We offer a wide choice of class times and days in different venues across the city; some of our classes can be very busy. If your preferred centre, day or time of class is full you can consider an alternative day, time or even venue. However, if your preference is to wait for a day and time your/ your child’s name can be added to that class waiting list and we will contact you by email or phone when a space becomes available.

How do I cancel my direct debit?

If you decide to leave our coaching programme, then cancelling is straightforward. You can stop the direct debit by contacting your bank to let them know. They’ll inform us of the cancellation and we’ll remove your child from the class they are in.

When are lessons on?

Our coaching dates are made available on the website and the Coaching Home Portal. If we have your email address we’ll also email these to you.

Do you offer classes for children with Additional Support Needs?

We will always try to integrate participants with additional support needs into a sports coaching programme.  In addition, we offer specific classes and opportunities for both adults and children who would benefit and prefer this opportunity. These sports programmes include are boccia, diving, swimming tennis and trampoline. If you/ your child needs support within the class, we will have a discussion with you about what we can put in place to allow your child to take part while ensuring the safety and enjoyment of your child and other participants.  You may be asked to attend the class with your child for a couple of weeks to help them settle in and become familiar with any necessary rules within the class environment.  Each circumstance will be different so please discuss your child’s needs with the team at the venue. 

Our Coaches 

Are your coaches all qualified? 

All our coaches and teachers are fully qualified through the appropriate national sports governing body.  To ensure our coaches continue to deliver the best quality service around, Edinburgh Leisure provides a broad programme of ongoing training and continuous professional development to ensure we are fostering a culture of continuous improvement for our customers. All of our coaches are fully PVG checked for child protection purposes.

Sports Coaching Pathway

How does my child move through the sports coaching pathway?

Each of our sports coaching programmes have several levels that your child will progress through as they become more skilled and competent. You will be able to keep up to date with their progress through the Coaching Home Portal. Once they have completed the skills at their current level and the coach is happy with their progress we’ll notify you that your child is ready to move to the next stage and discuss the various options with you. This could be at any point during the programme and doesn’t necessarily happen at the end of a term.

We also work closely with sports clubs across Edinburgh and identify children from our programme that would benefit from moving into a club environment. We would then inform you of the relevant contact details for any local clubs that you might want to consider. 

Attending the Class 

If my child is not well, should they still attend their class?

Please don’t take your child to their class if they aren’t feeling well.  If they have had vomiting or diarrhoea please make sure they have been symptom clear for 48 hours before coming to the pool. Babies frequently get colds, and if it's just the snuffles then it's fine to bring them swimming. If they have a bad cough, temperature or are generally quite miserable with it, then it's probably best to stay at home. If you have any doubts, please check with your doctor first.

Should I feed my child before a lesson?

We advise that you give your child at least an hour to digest food prior to swimming, doing cartwheels or being active in our coaching classes. This will greatly reduce the risk of your child of being unwell during the coached activity. 

What should I do when I arrive at the venue?

Make your way to the sports hall, meeting point or changing area. If your child needs to change prior to the class, please use the changing areas within the venue. We advise that participants are ready 5 minutes prior to the lesson starting. To support us, please ensure that your child goes to the toilet prior to the lesson. If you are attending swimming lessons, please ensure your child showers before going to the poolside. This will help us maintain our exceptional standard of hygiene.

What if I arrive late for the lesson?

We understand that occasionally you may be running late and we will support you when this happens. However, this could negatively impact on you/ your child or another participants’ experience as they could miss an essential part of the class session ( eg warm up). Please make sure that the coaching staff are aware of you/ your child’s arrival and they will confirm whether it is okay to join the class. 

Do I need to bring money for a locker?

If you need to use a locker, make sure you have a £1 or 50p coin, which is refundable.

What happens if Edinburgh Leisure cancels a coaching class?

If we are unable to deliver a lesson, we will deduct the cost of the lesson from your direct debit payment.  For planned cancellations (events or venue closures), your direct debit will be adjusted for the month the cancelled lesson is due to take place in. For unexpected cancellations, your direct debit payment will be adjusted for the following month.

During the coaching class 

Can I watch my child during the sports class?

Once you drop off your child we ask that you leave the sports hall, changing room or poolside (unless there are special arrangements or circumstances which have been agreed with the coaching staff). This ensures the safety of everyone in the class and provides the best learning environment for the children. Some of the venues have designated viewing areas, but if not, there are cafes or seated areas where you can wait while your child is in their class.

Can I take photographs of my child during their class?

You must not take photos or film children taking part in their class as this is against our Safeguarding Policy. We thank you for your understanding on this issue.

Can I use your facilities during my child’s lesson, or leave the venue?

If your child is aged 9 years or below, please remain in the venue for the duration of your child’s class. This is particularly helpful if your child needs your support, for example if they get upset, hurt or need to go to the toilet during the lesson. If your child is 10 years or older, you can leave the venue while the class is taking place. Or alternatively, why not use our facilities. You can enjoy discounted access to our pools (if public swimming is available) and the gym. Just ask our reception team about the ‘Why Wait’ offer.

Coaching Home Portal

What is the Coaching Home Portal and why should I sign up?

We’ve listened to our customers who have told us they want feedback on their children’s progress and as a result we have introduced the ‘Coaching Home Portal’. This provides you with unique access to your child’s information about the skills required in any class and your child’s progress. Once all the skills have been completed (and the coach is happy with the progress and readiness for the next stage), you’ll then be able to move to the next level. Your child will be assessed by the coaching team at least three times during a block and their progress will be updated on the home portal.  

What other feedback might I receive?

Most of our coached classes run back-to-back which makes speaking to a coach in between classes difficult. The lead coach/ teacher can make themselves available at arrival and collection times, but if you need more time to speak to the coaches/ teacher you can contact the coordinator/coach/ teacher at your venue and they will be able to provide any information/feedback you require.