For children who like to be airborne, we have Trampolining classes. These can deliver the same health and well-being benefits as Gymnastics: balance, coordination, cardiovascular fitness and self-confidence. Because toddlers and bouncing are such a natural combination, we start our courses young with Gym and Jump. More information on this course can be found here.

From age 5 upwards, children can come to our Entry/Stage 1 Trampolining classes. Children’s progress is monitored against the Edinburgh Leisure competencies and you can keep a track by signing up to our Coaching Home Portal.  We also run Trampolining sessions for children with additional support needs – the sessions are highly effective for increasing muscle tone, coordination and self-confidence.

Important Information 

We are very happy to have coaching in our venues again. The positive feedback we have received from customers already using our venues saying how safe and enjoyable their experience with us has been has been has been hugely appreciated. We are working hard to ensure that our coaching customers have the same experience. 

As with all our other activities in our venues, to ensure the safety of everyone we’ve introduced a number of measures.  We will continue to review these measures over the coming months as the environment and guidelines from the Scottish Government and national sports governing bodies change. Our priority will always be the safety of our customers and our teams. Some key things to be aware of are:

  • We may use different entrances and exits to our buildings than normal.
  • For older children, you may not be able to enter or stay in our buildings during your child’s lesson. This depends on the age of your child, and sometimes on the capacity of the building. Be assured if this is the case our team are there to help your child get to and from their class safely. We understand that there may be some circumstances where you may need to stay and support your child. Please discuss your requirements with the venue if this is the case.
  • We have to maintain a safe number of people in our venues at any one time. If you are coming into our buildings with your child for their lesson, only one adult can accompany a child and we are asking our customers not to take siblings/other children with them if at all possible. Children under 12 do not have to distance from each other, but still have to distance from other adults and therefore still have to be accounted for in our safety measures and calculations. 
    Important: In some sports the national sports governing body's guidelines mean we cannot allow accompanying siblings/other children.     
  • Please follow the rules about wearing face coverings. Currently anyone aged 5 years and over is required to wear a face covering until their class.

Before you come to your first class class it’s important to read where to go and what to do at your venue – see here for full details.

Full details of our guidelines and what to expect in each of our venues can be found in ‘Coaching Guidelines’ below.

We know that this is a little different – for everyone - but we can assure you that our welcome will be as warm and our lessons as fun as ever. Our teams will always be there to look after you and your family. We appreciate your understanding as we work together to keep everyone safe. 

Please book into our Entry/Stage 1 class if your child is new to our trampolining programme, or has had a break and is in Primary 1 or above. Even if they have done some trampolining before, our coaches will assess all new children coming into these classes and will recommend the correct class for them to move to if appropriate.

If your child has had significant recent experience please submit an enquiry using the form on this page and one of the team will get back to you.

This class is where all children who are new to our trampolining programme will start if they are in Primary 1 or older. Even if your child has had previous trampolining experience, or has taken a break and is coming back this is the class to book into.

The Stage 1/Intermediate Trampoline class is a more advanced level of training ideal for those who have developed their basics. Within this class children will work on building upon the basics skills learned in the general trampoline class however in addition, some children enter into this level after attending a General level in another similar sport. 

Sessions will include both strength and conditioning work alongside more advanced skills development work to increase the overall skill base and prepare participants technically for further levels of trampolining.  

When children attend the Stage 2 class they will be showing key indicators that they are eager to learn, show good listening skills and have a desire to be taking part in the sport.  At Stage 2, the gymnasts will see the length of lesson extended to a 90 minutes session. For gymnasts to attend a Stage 2 class they must be disciplined, have independence and be committed.  

At this level they will build on their flexibility, strength and stamina that has been developed through previous stages. The gymnasts will be challenged with difficult skills which will need good body tension and spatial awareness.  

You cannot book directly into this class, please book into 'Entry/Stage 1.

Ideal for Children that have developed strong trampolining skills and have been invited to attend by their coach.

The coaching sessions are two hours long, allowing the children to work on specific breakdowns and give them the preparation time required for the higher level skills that the children will be working on. 

All of our coaches have direct links with external trampolining clubs so they can progress onto club level when they are ready.

You cannot book directly into this class, please book into 'Entry/Stage 1.

Within this class children will work on building upon the basics skills learned in the general trampoline class. In addition, some children enter into this level after attending a General level in another similar sport. Sessions will include both strength and conditioning work alongside more advanced skills development work to increase the overall skill base and prepare participants technically for further levels of trampolining.  

You can see what what classes are running where, check availability and even request a space - all online in 3 simple steps:

  1. Decide which class would be right for your child using our class information above.
  2. Find out where and when your class is on and whether it has spaces using the 'Class Availability' button below. 
  3. You can then check space availability (updated every 4 hours) and complete a simple online 'Request Form'.
Once we receive your form we'll do a check and get back to you to confirm whether we have a space held for you and what the next steps regarding payment are. Please be aware that your space is guaranteed only when we confirm we have received your Direct Debit instructions.

We have introduced rules and measures to ensure that we can welcome you back into an environment that is safe for you and our staff. We all have a responsibility as a community to keep each other safe, and by following our guidelines we can do this whilst enjoying being back. 

1. Important things to know about our coaching classes

2. how to find your way and what to expect in each of our venues

Trampolining is a fun and challenging activity for everyone of all ages and abilities. It is one of the most comprehensive exercise programs available to children, incorporating strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and discipline. children can begin at a young age and continue through their teens and beyond. While some children use their talents and skills to become competitive, others participate in the sport simply because they enjoy learning new skills, developing their fitness or just having fun.

The benefits of trampolining are also beneficial for people with additional support needs. Children and adults will use the trampoline in a safe and inspirational environment. Each week children learn the skills and techniques needed to become competent on the trampoline. Edinburgh Leisure then hosts and annual trampolining competition to try out their new skills.

What to wear

Children should wear appropriate comfortable clothing that they can move around and be active in, for example T-shirts and shorts or leggings. Please note that dresses or skirts are not ideal. Please tie long hair back and remove any jewellery, and children should take a water bottle into their class with them. Note they will take part in the trampoline lessons in their socks. Parents of children in our Jump Nippers classes (3 to 5 years) are an important part of the class where both the children and adults have great fun learning and socialising together. Parents are encouraged to really get involved as the more the parent does then the more the child will take part. Parents are also advised to wear comfortable clothing.

When can children start trampolining?

Edinburgh Leisure offers classes for children from as soon as they are crawling right the way through to adult. There’s nothing little ones like better than bouncing and climbing on equipment. Saying that, it’s never too late to start trampolining and we have classes suitable for teenagers through to adults.

For further coaching frequently asked questions click here.