Fitness Classes - High Energy

Our energetic classes deliver big results. If you like your fitness classes energetic, we've a varied choice at our venues across the city. Step or box your way to fitness, try a 20/20/20 cocktail of step, circuit and conditioning or pretend you’re Sir Chris Hoy or Laura Trott and take on a challenging RPM (revolution per minute) cycling workout in our designated studios at Leith Victoria, Craiglockhart and Meadowbank.

Blast off some energy and work up a sweat as you inject some variety into your routine while exercising different muscles as well as keeping fit. Keep yourself interested and motivated by trying something new.


Achieve all round fitness with 20 minutes of step, 20 minutes of circuits and 20 minutes of abdominal work.


Simple, motivating and satisfying workout using high energy interval training techniques.


A unique blend of various combat sports which gives you a fat burning, strength–gaining workout.


A fun, athletic, cardiovascular cycling workout that guarantees to leave you on a high and wanting more.

Les Mills Workouts

Get in to a routine, know what is coming up then all change after several weeks to challenge you again. 

Guide to Fitness Classes

Download our 'Guide to Fitness Classes' PDF including timetable, class descriptions and FAQs.


The ultimate step class with simple yet effective choreography.

Cardio Tennis

Get your heart rate up with a series of tennis-based drills and activities played to up-tempo music on the court.