We usually operate on a limited basis 3 outdoor bowling greens for a total of 46 hours per week during the summer season.  Again, appreciating the guidance available and the phasing we do not anticipate being in a position to open the greens this season.

Please continue to check our website for details on when we will be reopening and keep active at home with seated exercise classes, custom-made workouts and much more. You can keep up-to-date with our reopening via our dedicated COVID-19 page.

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Bowls is a sociable activity, suitable for all ages. If you’re thinking of taking up a new sport or hobby which doesn't need any experience or particular level of fitness then bowls may be just what you’re looking for. 

Come along for a chat, play bowls and relax during well-deserved breaks between games. Bowls can be played at any level, and for enthusiasts there are junior and senior competitions and leagues.

We have three outdoor bowling greens at Balgreen, St Margaret’s Park and Victoria Park that are open from April to September. Come visit us during the summer months to enjoy some fresh air, sunshine and a little healthy competition.

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Exercise for Everybody

Here are some of the benefits of getting on the green:

  • Enjoy fresh air, sunshine and a little healthy competition
  • Great way to meet people and make new friends
  • Sense of belonging, part of a team
  • Increases confidence, self esteem and wellbeing 
  • Not too strenuous 
  • Improves fitness, hand eye coordination and strengthens muscle tone
  • Low cost exercise